The Strangler Vine comes out of holes at the base of the tree from which it has grown. The vines are usually well hidden under the vegetation of the forest floor. They wrap around the limbs of a victim and pull it towards the tree, in the process squezing the air out of the victim's lungs. Once it has pulled Its prey to the tree from which it has grown, special spiked branches pull away from the sides of the trunk. They inject poison when they pierce the skin and paralyze their prey until it can be digested.

Gavinaugh is poisoned by one of the spiked arms extending from the trunk of one of these trees in Kingdom's Quest, on pages 110 and 111. The natives of the islands of Melogne marveled at the fact that, although injected with the poison of the Strangler Vine, Gavinaugh did not die. Gavinaugh used this as an opportunity to proclaim the Prince to Plibius and the other natives on the island.