Sir Kendrick is a very disciplined but quiet knight. His build is slender but strong, and he is an extremely skilled swordsman and experienced tournament fighter. Before he became a Knight of the Prince he won several tournament victories, jousting being his reportedly best event. His talent that was greatly enhanced when he became a Knight of the Prince is discernment. Kendrick had a wife and infant son that were killed in a raid on Bremsfeld. Afterwards, Kendrick gave up his tournament life to hunt down and destroy the marauders that had killed his wife and son. While he was wandering the streets of Penwell he met a Knight of the Prince who told a strange story about a Prince. Kendrick eventually believed and turned his life completely around. His biggest battle was for the Vincero stronghold of Bel Lione, where he defeated Lord Ra, an intimidating Shadow Warrior, one of Lucius's top lieutenants, and rescued countless prisoners from the dungeons. His companion and apprentice is Sir Duncan. His only desire is to serve the Prince and the King.