Leinad on the cover of Kingdom's Dawn.

Leinad is a seasoned wordfighter and a humble man. He has fought many battles and was favoured by the King, as Gabrik said in Kingdom's Hope. Leinad is also a good story-teller. Leinad lived on a farm (with Peyton, Dinan, and later Tess) on the Plains Of Kerr. He worked the land with his father, Peyton. The Plains Of Kerr was a half-days walk south to the nearest town called Mankin. He has

Leinad fighting Fairos

gentle brown eyes, broad shoulders, and strong arms. When Leinad was 16 he was average height but was still growing. He has dark hair that curls when it's wet. He also has a little dimple on his chin and has a strong resemblence to his father. He married Tess and they had a daughter named Talea. Leinad represented many characters in the Bible during different parts of the Kingdom Series books.