A former Vincero Knight, Landor is a daunting swordsman trained by Lord Ra. "His body was well-muscled and he possessed the fierce demeanor of an experienced fighter." The castle that he was tied to was Bel Lione. Landor confides in his only real friend, Sir Kendrick, that "I was one of Lord Ra's loyal Vincero Knights. For years I did his bidding and destroyed many people...many homes...many dreams. I gathered a band of murderous thieves to broaden my influence, much as Lord Ra has done, and to insulate me from the crimes. Then one day something snapped inside me and I...I couldn't...I couldn't do it anymore. That day I mounted my horse and rode. I rode until night fell and then the next day too, caring not what direction I took or where I ended up. When I stopped, I hid, because I knew that once you belonged to Lord Ra, you always belonged to him. I knew he would come for me, and he did-over and over and over. He sent other Vincero Knights after me-at first to bring me back, later to kill me." Landor ran and hid for many years, until Sir Kendrick found him and slowly turned him to the Prince. Landor risked his life for Kendrick and many others, and in his final breaths he told Sir Kendrick that "If...If I could live again and have a son, I would wish him to be you." Sir Kendrick was the only "family" Landor was known to have.