Gavinaugh was a Noble Knight and earned the respect of Kifus and other knights at a young age. Then he met the Prince and became a Knight of the Prince. He was born and raised in Chessington. He married Keanna and appeared in the last 3 books of the Kingom Series. His name is pronounced GAH-vin-aw. As a young man Gavin became a Noble Knight. Coming from a wealthy family he was selected by Kifus at a young age and became his squire. Gavin quickly rose in the order and soon was knighted. After a few years the stranger came who claimed to be the son of the King. The stranger soon stirred up the city and the Noble Knights had him put to death by hanging him on a tree in the city square. Soon the stranger's followers claimed that he had risen from the dead and they began to convert many to their cause. Gavin soon became obsessed with eradicating the followers. On one of his missions to arrest more followers he went ahead of his men alone and met some Shadow Warriors and was injured. After he was injured he met The Prince who came and sent the Shadow Warriors away. The Prince then told him to go tho the house of a follower. When his men came and found him he told them to take him to a certain follower's house. At first his men refused, but he convinced them to take him. Gavinaugh in the Kingdom Series is a representation of Saul/Paul from the Bible.